Get answers with a DNA test

Explainer: How DNA testing works | Science News Explores

Your girlfriend is pregnant? Congratulations! An exciting time awaits, in which a lot of preparations take place. However, it can also bring a lot of doubts. Especially when you have doubts about your partner, it can raise many questions. In that case it is important that you remove these doubts as soon as possible, so you can focus on the future again. You can perform a DNA test at DNA centre for this. Thanks to this test, you know whether you are the father and you can determine which steps should be taken, if any. But what do you need to know about this test?

A test with many answers

A DNA test is a good way to see if you are the father of your child. The test can not only be taken after the pregnancy, but also during the pregnancy. The doubts you have during pregnancy can also cause a lot of disagreements and also give the mother a lot of stress. With all its consequences. By performing the DNA test as quickly as possible, both you and your partner know where you stand. You can now decide which steps to take. 

An at home paternity test for more privacy

If you want to perform an at home paternity test, you will receive a complete test kit. This allows you to take the test at a time that suits both you and your partner. This offers more privacy. Instead of calling in a specialist and have difficult conversations, you can easily do the test yourself. You should carefully consider which variant you purchase. There are tests that are mainly for peace of mind, but there are also tests that you can use in legal action.

High accuracy is guaranteed

You can expect an accurate result within a short time after using the at home paternity test. The accuracy is set at 99 percent, so there is no doubt about whether or not you are the father. By carefully reading the manual, you ensure that you do not skip a step and get the results in your hands. After getting the answers, it is up to you what steps to take next. Together with your partner you can make good agreements and ensure that your child receives the desired basis. If it turns out that you are not the father, you can decide what is the best solution for the entire family.