5 Ways to Effectively Protect Yourself from Sexually Transmitted Disease

Collected.Reviews is packed with the explanation of the diseases that you can contact during sex. As part of the disease, sexually transmitted disease (STD) is spread through sex. And it can also be transmitted through skin contact. There are over 20 million diagnoses of STD cases every year. This is why sexual consciousness is being preached. It’s all about avoiding unprotected sexual activity.

Many people find a date online only to have sex the first time they meet. It isn’t wrong to have sex on a first date. However, it is most safe to have protected sex. There are different ways to ensure protection from STDs today. These ways are not limited to the use of condoms. Some of the ways are:

1.   Protection Before Sex:

You can first engage in an honest conversation with your partner about his or her sexual history. You’ll need to be truthful with yours too. This is why it isn’t advisable to have sex on your first physical date, especially if the sex is unprotected. You can even get tested with your partner before you proceed to have sex. Try to avoid sexual contact when you’re heavily influenced by alcohol or any other hard drugs. You should also consider getting a vaccination against diseases like hepatitis A or hepatitis B, and a few other dangerous diseases.

2.   Engage in Safety Sex Practices:

After talking with your partner and making a decision to have sex with yourselves, engage in safety sexual practices. This way, you’ll reduce your risk of contracting STD from your partner. You can start by using internal and external condoms if you’ll have penetrative intercourse. Don’t sound alarmed! Not all sex requires penetration. You can either stimulate yourselves with sex toys or offer oral sex. You can still maintain hygiene during this practice. You should wash your hand before and after sexual contact, and also urinate after sex to prevent any form of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

3.   Wear Your Condoms Properly:

One of the most effective means to avoid contracting STDs is using condoms. However, you must also use your condoms properly. You should be on the lookout for the expiry date of the condom you want to use. The package you’ve bought must have an air bubble and a lubricant. You must also hold on to the condom properly after sex so that it won’t slip. Whenever you use a condom, don’t try to reuse it. It isn’t a grocery bag. You should try to avoid oil-based lubes and try to eliminate the risk of skin-to-skin contact after removing the condom.

4.   Get Tested after Sex:

Some of the diseases you can get from sex includes HPV, syphilis, herpes, Chlamydia, HIV, gonorrhea, and a few others. You may need to see a doctor if you’re seeing symptoms.

5.   Abstain from Sex:

This should’ve been the first point. But it isn’t feasible for everyone. However, if you can, abstain from sex.

By adhering to these tips, you can have a protected sex life against sexual diseases.